Specific courses for an ample variety of occupational areas

UPTIME Corporate has English courses directed to an extensive amount of career areas. You learn what is of your interest, for your personal and professional development. And if you are a businessman, getting the UPTIME courses is investing in your contributors. Therefore, going straight to the point, everybody wins.


For professionals from the automotive industry

Banking and Finances

Specially made for professionals in the economics and finances area.

Black Gold

For professionals who work with oil, ores and natural gas exploration, production and commercialization.

Called to Serve

For the Christian Ministry.

Civil Aviation

For professionals in civil aviation.

Down Town

For cab drivers.


For Engineering professionals.

General Management

For professionals and executives in the management area.

General Hotel and Tourism

For professionals in the hotel and tourism field.

Legally Speaking

For professionals in the Law area.

Marble and Granite

Specially made for professionals who work with exploration and commercialization of marble and granite.

Medically Speaking

Created for professionals who work with health, either doctors or nurses.

Minning and Steel Making

For professionals in the metallurgical field.

On Duty

For policemen and professionals in the security area.

UPTIME Advantages

• Courseware developed for each specific area;
• 100% conversation;
• Classes in the company;
• From two to eight students per class;
• Innovative methodology;
• Dynamic classes, directed to your professional interest.

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