Chatting with a friend is already cool, but it’s even better if you learn a lot from him in the process.

Come chat with us. The Conversation Club course is for those who have already attained fluency in the English language and want to maintain or improve their knowledge through practice. In class, in addition to the conversation, you have access to a wide variety of vocabulary, videos, reading and more and all this takes place in a fun and entertaining environment.

Exclusive teaching material

The Conversation Club course topics change every week, which further stimulates interaction and conversation. This allows the student to practice English in a variety of contexts, just like in real life. After all, no one enters a conversation course to keep his mouth closed, right?

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100% Conversation

Conversation Club classes are characterized by real conversations. They cover different subjects so that everyone can speak and practice English. Instructors and teaching materials stimulate conversations, and situations are as varied as possible. You will truly feel like you have been transported to another country - and without needing a visa.

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Rooms with two to ten students

Surely, you've heard of a teacher correcting students for talking to each other during class.

This is what we stimulate the most at EON UPTIME! And it’s always in English. With fewer students, everyone has the opportunity and time to express themselves, and it does not become a mess.

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Innovative Methodology

Just like with every EON UPTIME course, the methodology is always moving forward. In many conversational courses, the student ends up losing interest or "floating" in the classroom. At EON UPTIME, it’s not like that. Everyone's level of knowledge is proportionate, which makes the conversation flow just like it would at an informal gathering of friends.

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Semiflexable schedules

You missed class today, but can’t you come tomorrow? No problem. The subject you missed can be seen at another time. In fact, the schedule is flexible according to your need and the school’s agenda.

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Dynamic classes with varied content, with several different areas of interest.

What do you like to talk about? Football, culture, politics, relationships? At EON UPTIME, the range of subjects is as varied as possible, so that different words can be used, without anyone losing interest in the class - quite the contrary. In Conversation, the class looks more like a meeting of friends having a good chat (in English, of course).

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