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Your age doesn’t matter, neither does whether or not you are single or married, nor where you live. English is already a part of your life. And those who want to be victorious in the job market (which is becoming more and more competitive) choose EON UPTIME as a partner to give a boost to their résumés. The language institute has course options for adolescents and adults for those who don’t know any English yet as well as for those who are already fluent. Choose your course and welcome to EON UPTIME!


For young people and adults 18 years of age and older that want to learn the English language in a rapid and definitive form. An innovative course that has already transformed thousands of Brazilians into fluent English speakers.

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Corporate Diploma Program

Courses for those who already are in the job market and want to learn English in the context of their occupation area. An opportunity to stand out in an area you already know. Registrations can be done by the professionals themselves, as well as by companies or institutions.

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Conversation Club

For those who already speak English and need a club, a place to practice. The classes are 100% conversation, with the most interesting and fun subjects to explore and improve the use of the language.

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