From the Hotel Business to Dublin: Student at EON UPTIME explains the perks of being bilingual

With a career all planned, Karina Oliveira started the English course at EON UPTIME and after she went on an adventure in Ireland.

“What motivated me to start the course was the job market” explains Karina Oliveira, who lives and works in Caldas Novas, Goias (Brazil) with booking and reservations in a hotel

Known as the capital of the hot springs, Caldas Novas is a very common destination for tourists. For Karina, who was already working in the area, being fluent in English, “would be a good advantage for her when looking for a job.” As she says.

Because she didn’t like the teaching method used in the school she was, Karina gave up the course and joined EON UPTIME, where she immediately loved the method.

Dreaming about going to Dublin

Karina, along with her friend Lucia Helena, enrolled in a course a tour Caldas Novas office, and right at the beginning the two of them started planning an Exchange program.

Said and done. When the finish the Connected course, in October 2017, they traveled to Ireland where they stayed for 26 days with an Irish host family. Using the language was mandatory where they were staying.

“It was an amazing experience, beyond my expectations. I would do it again a million times. Actually, I would go to stay longer. Learning English requires a lot of dedication and the repetition is what makes us memorize new vocabulary. Explains Karina according to her international experience.

To get to know a new country and live 24 hours using the language was what made the administrator decide to travel. At first, Karina said she had to face her shyness but it didn’t take long for her to let loose.

“At the first week I was a little shy and afraid but from the second week on I stopped being afraid of speaking (in English).”

For the Irish people are very patient, kind and the culture is extraordinary – “I felt very welcomed”, she said.

English for Hotel and Tourism

Karina said she has always worked with customer service, specifically in the hotel business (nowadays she works in a reservation channel).

For that reason, including a second language on her resume was a big motivation for her: “I work in a city where 90% of our business are related to tourism, so knowing another language (English) would influence a lot in my job opportunities.”

Besides the market opportunities, Karina could see for herself how the fluency would help her during job interviews in two different occasions:

“I’ve participated of two interviews in which the companies expected me to be bilingual. At the time, I didn’t speak English and ended up not getting the job in a better position”, completes Karina .


To keep contact with the language, Karina made some changes in her routine. She changed the set up or her phone and computer to English and, at home, her roommate and her decided to communicate using English and they have to leave messages for each other.

“We leave notes everywhere in the house. It is a good habit to keep using the language” reveals.


With this same goal, of keeping contact with the language, Karina is back with us. This time she joined our Conversation Club, a course designed for fluent students.

“My intentions is to never quit studying, to continue to perfect my skills and to do many other trips. I hope that the fluency helps in my professional growth day by day.”