Exploring London! From studying fashion design to sightseeing and so much more!

Winny O’Brien, a former student, traveled to England to visit her relatives, visit galleries, museums and fashion schools, something she is really passionate about.

Many reasons took Winy O’brien to the Queen’s land. As a great-granddaughter of a British man living in Brazil the young fashion student planned to travel for 35 days to England to get to know the culture, go sightseeing in London and to visit relatives in Manchester.

She visited iconic places in London like Nothing Hill, Covent Garden and Soho, and famous museums for those who love fashion, like The Design Museum, Albert Museum and The Fashion and Textile Museum.

Take a look at the highlights of this experience!

Studying fashion abroad

For those who dream about studying fashion abroad, as Winny did, London is a common destination.

That is where most of the schools considered references in the area are, like the Central Saint Martins and the Istituto Marangoni.

“I visited both schools and people were very welcoming and answered all my questions about the courses they offer. Both Saint Martins and Marangoni have good options for summer programs, in many different areas of fashion. Besides that, they offer a complete experience of what a professional working with fashion does.”

Winny explains that one difference between the schools is that Saint Martins offers dorms for their students and Istituto Marangoni doesn’t.

Classes at the Fashion and Textile Museum

While visiting an exhibit about fashion and cinema in the 1930’s, in London, and knowing how to speak English already – Winny is a student at the Connected Course at the Novo Hamburgo, Brazil – she was able to participate in a workshop and understand everything.

“I took advantage of the opportunity and enrolled to a workshop about design. It was amazing to learn new techniques with professionals who were very good and hands on with everything. I could see that being creative for British people is something very natural.”

Museums About the History of Fashion in England

If you are interested in the history of fashion and if you are thinking about traveling to London, Winny has some tips for you:

The first one is the Victoria and Albert Museum:

“At the Victoria and Albert Museum they have the outfits from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert – and it is breathtaking! The museum is huge; you can walk a lot and get to know more about history and the XIX century in details. Even for those with no previous knowledge in fashion is an amazing experience.”

The Design Museum is another necessary stop and it’s located in Kensington. Like The Victoria and Albert Museum, the admission is free, expect for some special exhibits that you can buy the ticket to visit.

“This is something I really liked about London: every museum that I’ve visited was for free.” Says Winny

Transportation Apps in London

Are going to London and only the idea of walking around the city, the traffic and transportation makes you anxious? Well, Winy explains how she was able to explore the city without getting lost!

“Some family members told me to use the app Citymapper and it is amazing! It informs the time for the buses, the Underground (subway in London) and it shows you the routes. The app helped me a lot to go everywhere and it made my experience there easier and fun”, she remembers.

That was not the first international trip for Winny but it was the first time she went alone and knowing how to speak English was definitely a game changer for her.

What to visit in London

Besides museums and galleries, the student recommends three other spots the any tourist should check out:

The cultural diversity in London was what captivated Winny the most during her trip and she came back completely in love with the capital.