Learning English: How to train your listening skills

Check out tips on how to train one of the most important skills in the English learning process

Have you set learning English as a goal to be achieved soon, or do you already have some knowledge of this language? Good for you! Here at this blog we have already given some tips on how to begin.

The next step is to practice the four skills:  listening, reading, writing and speaking. Once again, it’s important to remember: practicing is different from learning.

When we talk about fluency, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the pronunciation (speaking), right? However, we have to be aware that a conversation can only take place if you understand what the other person is saying.

For this reason, we have to practice our listening skills, and there are infinite ways to do that.

It can be fun: practice your listening skills by watching movies and series

The first way is simple and fun: watching movies and series you already know in English. Start by listening with the original audio and subtitles in English and, then, turn off the subtitles.

If you already know the plot and the story, it’s easier to understand the meaning of the sentences. Besides that, because you are watching something you like, you can maintain your focus longer.

Check out these 5 series to practice your English!

It may be easier than you think, but, like in any study activity, you need to have discipline. You need to face the process like any other activity that will improve your learning process.

Videos on YouTube and texts accompanied by audio files are also great ways to practice your skills.

Focus on the repetition and don’t translate!

The key to the learning process is in what we call secondary acquisition: the repetition. With this practice, accompanied by the contact with the language, you will absorb what you have learned.

Just as in any aspect of the learning process, when you practice your listening skills it’s not recommended that you stop what you are listening to in order to translate it.

Do you want a tip? Dictate some small texts:

Watch series with subtitles, and then turn them off. After that, re-watch the episode, this time pausing after each line, and write down what you’ve heard. After a few sentences, go back to the beginning and check if you got it right!

Doing this, you’ll not only practice your listening skills, but also learn new expressions and sentences from context.

Remember that it’s important to keep regular daily contact with the language. So, always take a few minutes of your day to practice what you have learned. You’ll see that the fluency acquisition process will become simpler and more fun.

To make this process even easier, check out the Netflix movies that are perfect for practicing your listening skills!