While taking a course at UPTIME, Air Force couple participates in an exchange program in Canada

Julia Toledo and Robson Gonçalves find at UPTIME the ideal school to learn English as well as to grow professionally and personally.

“We chose UPTIME because of its unique teaching method, for its flexible class schedule and the short course duration”, explains Julia Toledo about what attracted her and her husband, Robson Gonçalves, to enroll at the Manaus (AM) office.

The couple, besides their English studies, are also work partners; Air Force officers. In this post, we explain what are their connections with the language in which they are attempting to become fluent.

Preparing to land a career

For quite some time now English is no longer a career differential, but it is fundamental. We show you here, that in 10 years fluency in the language will be necessary in 100% of Brazilian businesses.

Julia has a degree in physical education and Robson is a civil engineer and responds to market demands; they don’t think twice about what possibilities fluency in the language will bring them. They chose UPTIME and enrolled in the Connected course.

“It’s well-known that the majority of scientific articles are published in English”, tells Julia.

Besides facilitating the access to study materials, fluency in the English language is a ladder to help a professional “climb to higher career levels”, as Julia explains:

“In our profession, English is essential. My function within the FAB (Brazilian Air Force) requires a minimal level of English because I need to talk to pilots”.

Outside the work environment, the military officers had another plan for the language: to visit a country in the first world.

Landing in Toronto

In January of this year, Julia and Robson departed on an exchange trip to Canada. At that time, they were only one month away from finishing the course at UPTIME.

Confident in the English that they had learned, they decided to stay in a homestay, an option to stay in a local family’s house. There, they tell us, they had the opportunity to practice the language with native speakers as well as other individuals from various countries participating in an exchange program, such as Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and China.

Plans for the language

Before UPTIME, Julia had not taken any other English course and her only contact with the language was in high school. However, her husband had enrolled in another school, but didn’t really like it.

After experiencing success with the language on their first international trip, the couple plans to travel again to other destinations. At the moment, they practice by having conversations with each other, in order to not lose the habit of having conversations in the language.