Learning English: tips to practice your speaking skills

Here we present a few tips to practice another important skill in the English fluency acquisition process.

Speaking is the skill that the students seek to master the most. Why is that?

As we mentioned before in the listening training post, when we talk about fluency, it’s naturally related to speaking.

Speaking fluent English

However, this is just one of the skills that always needs to be studied and practiced.

Now, it’s time to practice your speaking skills with our tips. After listening, this one comes naturally.

After all, we first learn how to listen, and then, to speak what we have heard.

But how can we practice our speaking skills while learning English?

First of all, you should know: pronouncing every word in the correct way requires time and a lot of study, for this reason, you should always maintain daily contact with the language and follow the next tips.

Watch movies, series and listen to music

You are probably wondering: “isn’t this a listening practice?” Yes! All the skills are connected in this fun practice!

We first learn how to listen, and then how to speak. In practice, it happens the same way.

By listening to dialogues between your favorite characters, you understand what they say and, automatically, your brain gets ready to reproduce what you have heard.

It’s important to remember that you have to understand what’s going on in the scenes to know what’s being said.  So, keep in mind that:

Start by watching movies or series that you have seen before, so the comprehension process will be easier.

The same tip goes for music: listen to your favorite playlist and sing along!

Try not to focus just on the listening part. You can (and should) try to repeat the catch phrases, or the ones you liked the most.

Trying to repeat or even replicate the way the sentences are said in the movie or series is a great way to train your vocal apparatus to pronounce the words the way you heard them.

It’s easier to do this with music, isn’t it? Easier and more fun! Singing songs you like is a great way to practice and learn how the words and expression fit in the sentences.

Participate in conversation groups

It’s really important to maintain regular dialogues in English, be it with native speakers, instructors or students, like you.

Learning a new language often comes with social motivation, so there’s no better way to practice than talking, right?

In conversation groups you can choose the subject!

You can get together with friends to talk about sports, movies, tell stories, or with classmates to talk about school subjects.

There are infinite options. You just have to keep regular practice and remember that this is one of the aspects in your learning process.

Keep focus and discipline! It’s a study practice like any other!

Think in English

That’s right: the habit of thinking (anything!) in English really helps when we have to speak, just like the listening practice

By following these tips and studying the language with professional help, when you least expect it, you’ll be speaking. Then, you just have to practice the pronunciation. How? With a lot of practice!

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