Fluent in English, former student goes through a complete life changing process

Camila Schmidt went on an exchange program to Ireland and traveled to around 10 countries, then, she moved to Germany and now she is planning her Master's degree abroad.

How can you have a complete life changing experience? There is no magic formula, but fluency in the English language is definitely a good first step.

Camila Schmidt, a physical education teacher, knows that very well. After she concluded the Connected course at EON UPTIME Juiz de fora-Granbery (MG), she made a 360 degree turnaround. Beginning with the exchange program in Ireland, followed by her permanent move to Germany, where she plans to do a Master's Program.

She shared with us the role of the English language in all these transformations in her life, as you can see below.

English, the beginning of the future

As a teenager, Camila studied English in a way that she now considers "superficial". She didn't learn the language the way that she wanted, and continued to have this desire of becoming fluent one day.

Only after she had graduated with a degree in Physical Education, she had planned to continue her academic life by earning a Master's Degree. She talked to a teacher about it and found out that English would be fundamental to perform one of the exams.

"Then I thought: I’ll prepare myself for this Master's exam. That was when I looked for the English course at EON UPTIME", Camila remembers.

Camila is known by all the office's professionals as well, as a dedicated and serious student, an attitude that helped her level of English improve very quickly.

Time to take off: Ireland

At EON UPTIME, the physical education teacher became familiar with Egali, an UPTIME International partner, and her interest for the exchange program grew.

"When I enrolled at EON UPTIME my intention was to work on a master’s degree, but I saw the possibility of an exchange program and thought to myself: you know what? I’ll do this exchange program to improve my English, and then I can come back to Brazil to start my master’s degree".

Camila chose Ireland for her first international trip. She traveled aiming to stay in the country for eight months, but with the possibility of renewal of the visa, she stayed there for 18 months.

The experiences the exchange brought

One of the biggest advantages quoted among exchange students that choose a European country as a destination is the possibility to enjoy the opportunity of traveling to neighboring countries.

Camila took the chance. She met Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Italy, North Ireland, England and Germany.

As a hobby, while she was in Ireland she used to participate in conversation groups with people from many different countries.

"I used to go out and go to conversation pubs with people from all over the world who went there to practice English".

At the time, Camila met her boyfriend who is German, with whom she only communicates in English: "I got into a relationship that I could only speak English which caused my vocabulary to increase three-fold!"

Germany, a new life in a new country

Almost at the end of the exchange program in Ireland, the physical education teacher decided to move to Hamburg, in Germany. She enrolled herself in a German language course, where she has been using English as the base language.

"I practice German by listening to videos in English and when I don't understand something in class, the teacher also explains it to me in English".

At the beginning, the simple fact of studying German scared Camila, when she was still planning to move to the country. After she started the course, she told us that she started to understand the logic behind the language, which according to her "had some elements that were similar to English".

Even though so many things have changed in the last years, Camila didn't give up on the main reason she started at EON UPTIME: the master's degree. Since she is still adjusting to the new routine in a new country, she says she has plans to continue studying in 2020.

"The Master's is in English and I need to get the IELTS certificate which is an international certificate and mandatory to participate in the Master's recruitment", she says.

Take the hint

Today, after looking back on all these experiences, Camila highlights the importance of the English language:

"I started to work in a pub in Ireland and English was fundamental. This is why I suggest that people who want to participate in an exchange program complete an English course before they travel. It's much better when you know the language and you go to improve it."
According to her, the English language opens doors that nobody can imagine and, when traveling abroad, communication is fundamental.

"Today I can go to many countries and I communicate only in English - even when it is not the primary language of the country", she says.

After becoming fluent in English, Camila tells us she has made many friends through the language. Grateful for everything she has been able to accomplish, today she invests in an English course for her nephews.

Recently, she planned two trips for July, when it's her birthday: one to Scotland and the other to Malta. In August, she will travel to Venice, in Italy.

We wish you luck and lots of success, Camila!