Check out some revealing tips to learn English and speed up the process of fluency acquisition.

People who think it's impossible to learn English fast and put into practice everything they’ve learned in a short time such as, for a job promotion, an exchange program, and a trip to another country are very mistaken.

Of course, since fluency in the language is important to accomplish these projects, nobody wants to waste time and opportunities here and there, right?

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Learning English fast is possible, but beyond that, you need a lot of willpower and you need choose the right course to fit your needs. It's like they say: your willpower should be stronger than your best excuse!

With that in mind, we've come up with some tips for you to learn English fast.

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Embrace the compromise of studying 30 minutes a day

Do you think you have a little time? You better think twice and think about the need to fit an English course into your schedule. Besides that, you'd need at least 30 minutes a day to practice the language. Make sure this a permanent fixture in your agenda, OK?

Be focused

Beware of distractions and procrastination! We tend to lose valuable time when we stop all the time to check social media, or take a quick look at TV, or keeping our head in the clouds.

Oh, and if you have an unexpected event, change the time you study and practice English, but don't undermine your learning.

Count on the help of extra practice

Other than your typical routine of daily study, it's important to search for other methods to assist your learning process, such as changing the configurations of your devices to English, singing out loud your favorite international songs, reading books in that language, watching movies with the original subtitles, and also surfing in websites of foreign news.

This way, you keep yourself immersed in the English language and have direct contact with it by speaking, reading, listening, and writing in the language whenever possible.

Come up with a check-list of your daily activities

One important step of a study routine is to develop a timetable and put reminders in the cellphone to follow the planned actions of learning English. You can also develop a check-list with the activities you have for that specific date, which includes reviewing the content from the last class and schedule the complementary activities with no delay! If you can do this list in English it's even better.

Keep your course pack organized

Another ally when learning English fast is taking good notes! Don't underestimate them! According to researchers, people who make notes in class can organize their thoughts better and help retain the subject matter.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep a notebook and note pads on hand and to save PDFs, e-books, podcasts and videos in a specific folder. Organization is the key to good results.

Look for a qualified institution

Enroll in a reputable course to reach fluency in English. In an onsite course, for example, you can keep yourself motivated and feel stimulated to learn, plus you will get know many people who are also there trying hard to acquire fluency in the language.

With that in mind, look for a different teaching method that corresponds to you and your needs of becoming fluent in English fast, and that also allows you to practice all these tips you've seen and liked.

Small groups, an integrated course pack and flexible hours can also be helpful to the understanding and full absorption of the language. Think about this when choosing your course.

See? We won't say it's going to be easy, but it is possible.

Learning English fast depends on the foundation you'll have in the course chosen, which is a good fit for your goals and offers flexible hours with guarantee of fluency within an optimized period of time, as well as a lot of dedication and personal effort.