Oral surgeon talks about the role English plays in his career and in his personal life

Diogo Alves loves to travel and his career. After finishing the Connected course at EON UPTIME he had unique experiences abroad.

His passion for traveling and his desire to continue his studies through the pursuit of a Masters and Doctorate degree - in which mastering the language is fundamental - was what motivated the oral surgeon Diogo Alves to study English at EON UPTIME in Patos de Minas.

Before that, he had gone to other English language institutes, but it was only at EON UPTIME that he got the result he was looking for: fluency.

"I had been to many English language institutes through the years, but the one that caught my attention the most was EON UPTIME, due to the many advantages that the institute offers in regards to the learning process", he explains.

He told us how English has been building a bridge to help make his dreams come true.

Fluent in the United States

Eve since he was a kid, Diogo dreamed of visiting Orlando, in Florida, and to its many amusement parks. In 2018 the dream came true. Fluent in English, he left for the United States. "English was very important for my communication", he says.

After travelling to Orlando, the oral surgeon planned a one month vacation in the country to get to know the Indiana University School of Dentistry in Indianapolis, Indiana. During his passage through the country, he also took his time to visit Chicago and New York City.

English in Germany

Before his trip to the United States, the former student from EON UPTIME had gotten a stamp on his passport and headed to Germany for a one year exchange program.

"I had the experience to travel to Germany to learn German, but my English was fundamental during my adapting period in the country", he remembers.

After putting his English to the test in different contexts abroad, Diogo feels confident to dedicate himself to studying and continuing his academic life. "To achieve my life goals, English is essential", he highlights.