How does the teaching method at EON UPTIME work?

Understand how our method works.
The idea of acquiring fluency in only 12 months is very appealing, but does it really work?

To be clear about this topic, once and for all, we prepared this post.

First, it is important for you to know:

The results of the EON UPTIME methodology has been approved by the thousands of students who learn English 12 times faster, compared to those who study using traditional methods.

Understand the teaching method at EON UPTIME 

Focus on the results

At EON UPTIME, the student actually learns to be a student. Following the day-by-day, he is encourage to use his time at home to keep in touch with the language and, in the classroom, exchange information with the classmates and teachers.

Just to give you an idea:

91% of “traditional” students do not prepare to learn something beforehand.

Motivation is related to results

When reaching the expected results, the student stays motivated to move forward to his main goal.


It is not only about memorizing the information. It needs to become an acquired knowledge, and that only happens through two processes: immersion and use of the language.


At EON UPTIME, the students learn to prepare for the classes correctly. And this is how it happens: the student follows the six steps at home, using the mnemonics day-by-day, which prepare him for what is presented in the classroom, when he does do the seventh step.

Understand what is learning English through mnemonics and neurolinguistics

What is neurolinguistics?

Neurolinguistics seeks to study, understand and better understand the area of the brain that is involved with a special characteristic of human beings: the ability to communicate.

What is mnemonics?

Mnemonics is a technique that promises to develop and strengthen the memory, through many processes that are part of our every day routine.

Acquisition of the language:

Extremely connected to the acquisition of a language, mnemonics exists in two forms: natural and artificial:


Language acquisition happens in a natural and definitive way, since our method is similar to how we learn our native language when we are children.