Former EON UPTIME student has a successful career in New York

Bruno Vieira talks about his journey from EON UPTIME to Bloomberg, in NY

Bruno Vieira, a former EON UPTIME student in Belo Horizonte - Funcionários (MG), now holds a leading position at one of the biggest technology and finance companies in the world, Bloomberg LP, at its office in New York, in the United States.

Bruno, a business manager, while he was still a student, found out about a partnership between his university and a university in Ohio for a master's program. Determined to get a scholarship, he saw in UPTIME a different method to learn English, focusing on conversation, and decided to enroll.

His first experience abroad

Only a few months after he started at EON UPTIME, Bruno was offered the opportunity to work for two months at Disney.

"At that point, I was the first in my family to go to college, speak English and travel abroad. My international experience motivated me to want to improve my English and expand my horizons beyond BH."

Mission complete.

In 2009, Bruno got married and moved to the United States for good, where he started his master's program at Ohio University.

A career breakthrough

In 2011, while still in Ohio, Bruno got a position at Bloomberg LP. In 2013, he was promoted and transferred to the company's head office, in New York, where he works today. Last year, he was promoted once again, but this time as a Product Manager, which is his current position.

"Naturally, I needed some time to get used to the language, expressions and local cultural references. But there is no doubt that the EON UPTIME classes were crucial for me to have the opportunities I had. The focus on conversation and quick results were very important for me to work and live abroad."

Personal Life

Bruno says that speaking English helped him get to know many other cultures and also connect with the people who are now his best friends: Japanese, Jamaican, Ukrainians and American people.

Today, now that he is fluent in the language, Bruno plans to teach Portuguese and English to his 7 year old daughter, who was born in New York.