Frequent questions about AVR

We clear up some of the most common doubts about the AVR+ app.

We answered the most frequent questions about the AVR+ app, an EON UPTIME exclusive tool that makes virtual and augmented reality content available for students in the Connected and TEENS courses.

Do virtual and augmented reality contribute to the process of learning English? Can everyone use it? Do you have to pay for it? How does it work? Can we play games on it?

These are some of the most frequent questions we receive. In this post, we will clarify some answers to these questions and put an end to the taboos of the AVR+ universe once and for all.

Let's go to the questions:

1) "Do the activities in virtual and augmented reality exclude the course pack?"

The activities in virtual and augmented reality available on the AVR+ UPTIME app work as a complementary activity to the daily day-by-day exercises. In other words: it doesn't exclude the course pack, on the contrary, it complements it!

2) "Do you have to pay extra for the AVR+ and AVR+ Xperience apps?"

Nowadays, all the apps available through UPTIME are free, as long as you are an UPTIME student, which is the case for AVR+ UPTIME.

3) "What cellphones are compatible with the AVR+ activities?"

The AVR+ UPTIME is compatible with devices that have the Android or iOs operational systems.

These are the ones available for Android: Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Sony Xperia Z5, Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, LG G4, Motorola Nexus 6, LG G5, Huawei Nexus 6P, Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, Google Pixel 32gb.

If this is not the case, all the UPTIME offices must make a smartphone available at the school so students can complete the app activities.

4) "I'm not a student, how can I have this experience in the app?"

For people who are not students, UPTIME offers two activities through the AVR+ Xperience app, that can be done both in virtual or augmented reality.

You will need the virtual reality goggles to perform the VR activities and scan through the smartphone camera the QR Code from our publicity material to engage in this experience with the AR activities.

5) "Do Master's students receive the virtual reality goggles?"


The AVR+ UPTIME activities are focused on the students who are still not fluent in English to get familiarized with the language in contextualized environments.

The Master's course students don't have this need, since they already fluent in the English language.

6) "Is the AVR+ UPTIME a game?"

The activities can be associated with gaming because they are very interactive and many students consider them fun - although this is not the main objective.

The AVR+ UPTIME is an app focused on the practice of English, prepared by the educational field's professionals and designed to increase the student’s level of concentration as well as to accelerate the learning process.

7) "In which ways do the activities simulate the student's life in an exchange program?"

All the activities are completely in English and to do them the students is inserted into a reality where the language is present to perform any action: from customs at an airport to shopping at a grocery store.

Just as it occurs in the life of an exchange student who needs to communicate from the moment they arrive to the destination country to when they decide to go shopping.

For students, it is possible to experience all this through the virtual reality activities:

8) "Are students the only ones able to use the AVR+ UPTIME?"


The AVR+ UPTIME is exclusive for students, and to access it the they will need the same password and login from MyUPTIME Online (student's portal).

As the student moves forward the course content, the app activities reach a higher level of complexity.

9) "Why do I learn better with the AR and VR technologies?"

During the practice of activities in virtual and augmented reality, the student develops higher cognitive abilities that speed up the learning process.

This way, the AVR technology increases creativity, the critical thinking and the resolution of communication problems, according to EON Reality, a multinational company that develops the AVR+ activities, in partnership with UPTIME.

10) "Where can I use the AVR+ app?"

After downloading the AVR+UPTIME app, the students will be able to access their activities wherever and whenever they want through their smartphone, at home, at the office, etc. An internet connection is necessary in all situations.

Now that we have answered all 10 questions, you might be asking yourself: "did they forget to mention how the virtual reality goggles work?"

The truth is that we already posted step-by-step instructions about it on the link "Dispositivo + aplicativo de realidade virtual aceleram a aprendizagem".