Device + Virtual Reality App speed up learning process

Learn how to use a VR device to study English

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to use virtual reality technology to learn English? Now it's easy to find out! You can just download the AVR+Xperience App from EON UPTIME and grab a pair of VR goggles to immerse yourself in this technology.

AT EON UPTIME, students who enroll in the TEENS or Connected Courses receive a voucher that they can exchange for VR goggles in the Welcome Class, when they receive the course pack.

Below we explain in detail how this technology works when used for educational purposes.

The VR Goggles

To have this immersive experience it's necessary to use the VR goggles simultaneously with the AVR+Xperience App or AVR+UPTIME (if you are a student).

This way it's possible to have the virtual reality experience - which is a technology capable of playing simulations, creating a completely immersive experience by using sound and visual effects. In practice, it works like this:

Technology can provide wider contact with English in a more dynamic and interactive way, with a better experience for visual learning, which is beneficial to memorizing content.

Get to know the activities

After the student has been enrolled, he attends the Welcome Class, and in it they receive the goggles and course pack, which includes the AVR+ UPTIME booklet with all the instructions for each activity. It just can’t get any easier than this. Don’t you agree? ;)

In the App for potential students, AVR+Xperience – which is available for download in the Google Play and App Store - there are two activities that can be done either in VR (virtual reality) or AR (augmented reality).

Whereas with the VR activities you have to use the goggles, for the AR activities you use the camera on your smartphone to read what’s called a QR code as shown in the image.

Doing the test with the AVR+Xperience app

After downloading the AVR+ Xperience app, you'll have two activities available. They are:

For students, a new world of experiences

This world is expanded for the ones who enroll at EON UPTIME. This happens because the students have exclusive access to the AVR+ UPTIME app, that offers even better experiences!

If you're curious about which and how these immersive activities are, you can see some examples in the post "AVR UPTIME: Get to know the new activities in the app".

Here's a preview:

AVR+ UPTIME in the student's life

The app's activities are part of the student's studying routine and they complement the day-to-day practice, a process that makes the student prepare for the class previously.

As the student goes through the chapters, the AVR+ UPTIME activities get unblocked. Summarizing, it puts his English to the test according to your comprehension level in the language.

To access AVR+ UPTIME the student should use the same password from MyUPTIME Online (which works as a portal for students).

UPTIME: The first in the world

Being a reference in Brazil and in other countries, in 2017, EON UPTIME became the first English school in the world to include the augmented and virtual reality technology in teaching a language.

To make exclusive content available for the students in the school, the brand has developed a partnership with EON Reality, the world's leader in developing content in AVR for the industry and education.

Later on, due to the success obtained from this partnership; these companies established a joint venture, known as EON UPTIME, with the intention to keep improving the AVR app, all in favor of immersive learning in the English language.

It's designed to facilitate learning

All the creating process of AVR activities that are available in the AVR+ Xperience and AVR+ UPTIME apps were done by experts from EON and UPTIME, who united in Manchester, in England to work together on the project.

The activities are fun. Who told you that to learn English you had to sit in a boring classroom? And they complement the content from the course pack, thereby accelerating the language acquisition process.