EON UPTIME Student travels the world doing volunteer work

Joyce Silva is an LPN (License Practical Nurse) and she currently divides her time between her English course and humanitarian trips to African, European and Asian countries.

"Because of volunteer work and the trips, I realized it was necessary to speak and understand English", the LPN Joyce Silva explains about the role of English in the international missions.

The young woman is part of the Seme and Rhema Project, that assists places where there is a need for support, and for this purpose she lived for two years in another country.

Nowadays, she manages time between the Connected Course and planning the next actions. Since she has enrolled at EON UPTIME Vila Velha (ES), Joyce has provided services in Portugal, in Italy and England.

The Role of English

After returning from a trip to Africa (the one that was two years long), the 22 year old woman decided it was time to start, for the first time, and English course from the beginning.

She chose EON UPTIME at the recommendation of her mother, who had enrolled in the school a few years earlier.


In the period she was abroad, Joyce worked with homeless people in South Africa, in a children's home in Mozambique and in a village in Kenya's desert.

"During this time in South Africa I had some basic experiences with the language, but I had never studied it. That was when I looked for EON UPTIME, because I already knew of its fast and efficient methodology. For me there were two very important things in the course: the format and the duration", she explains.


For the missionary, the need for English grew even bigger for the type of work that she does, which is "dealing directly with people", since the English language is universal and spoken in countless countries, including in those where it's not the official language.

"English was once an impediment for me to perform the volunteer work in some places, such as India and other African countries", she remembers.

However, this reality is about to change. After only completing half the course, Joyce has already made plans for the language. The next trip on her agenda has already been confirmed: in July, to Portugal.

Plans and Projects

The length of each trip is relative and it varies according to the place and its conditions. "In my case, the trips have already varied from three weeks to two years working in the field", she says.

As she advances on her way to proficiency in English, Joyce becomes more and more confident to fulfill her role on the missions and help even more people:

"The LPN degree helps me especially in certain places in Africa where many people don't have access to adequate healthcare".

The young lady tells us that in social work, her biggest focus is to complete a language course to improve the fluency that she will acquire at EON UPTIME, so that later she will be able to teach a language in African and Asian countries. "This is my main goal right now".