EON UPTIME Alumni student lives in Australia for 2 years now and has visited nearly 20 countries.

Tainan Rocha achieved the dream to travel abroad and what was a six months trip at first turned into a 2 year stay which included many other journeys on the way!

Tainan Rocha used to work for a company in the city of Itauna (MG), in the supplies department while studying Production Engineering. At that time he enrolled at the EON UPTIME office in his city, at the recommendation of a friend.

"Since I was a kid, I've always had the desire to travel and speak another language. I knew that English was the universal language and that knowing it would be a way to have access to more things", he says.

In fact, he confirmed all his impressions about the importance of English. Back in Brazil, after two years living in Australia, Tainan told Blog Up about the steps to accomplish the journey and everything that came along with it.

Planning the dream

The fast learning, the flexible hours and the short duration course caught Tainan's practical spirit, which is the opposite of waiting for a long time to get to the result in fact - the fluency.

In many traditional English schools, it can take years to finish a course.

After finishing the College Course at EON UPTIME, the Production Engineer student felt like his desire to travel abroad grew and he started getting ready to make it happen.

As he was searching for the possible countries he could go to, he found Australia and fell in love with it.

"It was love at first sight, I fell in love with the beaches, climate and the warmth of Australians, which is very similar to Brazilians', he says.

Arriving in Australia

As soon as he arrived in the country, Tainan remembers of one positive and remarkable experience with the language in the arrivals area of the airport. It was when an Australian started the conversation:

"He [the Australian] started to talk to me and I got anxious and ashamed because I had just literally got off the plane and stepped into Australia. To my surprise, we talked for a long time and I could understand him very well, despite his accent", he remembers.

As soon as they arrived at the airport, they went to the airline's welcoming room, where there was food and drinks. In there, they continued to talk and Tainan was very satisfied with the result from his speaking and listening with a native speaker.

Courses and Trips

At first, the duration period he would stay in Australia was six months, according to the duration of his International Business course, but Tainan stabilized in the country and got to review his plans.

"With the money I had made from working, I renewed my visa and started another course, Project Management. I extended my leave of absence from the university and continued my work and the course".

Different from many exchange students’ classes, his didn't relate to the language improvement, but with technical contents.

"My doubts had always something to do with more technical situations and I always felt very confident to ask in the same way that I would do in Portuguese, in case I didn't know something".

English throughout the world

From Australia, he travelled to New Zealand and from there, to 17 other countries. In total he visited 19 countries, of which he highlights Spain, the Philippines, Thailand and Japan - the destinations he enjoyed the most.

"English is, without a doubt, my friend on my journeys. There were places where the only language besides the official language spoken was English, such as Italy, France, the Netherlands, and countries from Asia."

Two years later

Back to Australia - where he lived in Brisbane and the Gold Coast - Tainan came back to his graduation and set new goals:

"Now I will look for a good result on TOEFL and do the PTE (Pearson Test School), which is another proficiency test, and then I'll try to come back to Australia with a work visa".

By getting a satisfactory grade on the PTE - that tests the listening, reading, writing and speaking skills - Tainan believes he will have the opportunity he's been waiting for to become a temporary resident in Australia.