Complete infographic: the best way to learn English online

Find out how you can acquire fluency in English by combining online and face-to-face learning.

In order to effectively learn the English language, you should choose a course that provides the most immersive process possible. We know that the face-to-face method is the most appropriate for that. However, in this post we will also present how some platforms available online may be great allies.

First of all, you should check out the advantages of a face-to-face course:

Now that you know the advantages of a face-to-face English course, check out how the internet can help you.

How to practice English online?

Even if the face-to-face course is the most appropriate, you shouldn’t ignore the online platforms to help in your learning process. Combined with the advantages of the social interaction in the classroom and the dynamic study programs, the internet may be a great alternative for practicing and keeping yourself immersed in the language, which can be done every day, with flexible hours, and without leaving your home. It may be a great support tool.

Now, check out the infographic below that illustrates the advantages of complementing your English learning with online tools.

How the internet can help you learn English

"How the internet can help you learn English"

Advantages of a face-to-face English course

Got it? On and offline may be combined to optimize your learning process.

But keep in mind: regarding the use of the language, the face-to-face contact, associated with a conversation focused methodology in a classroom is still the most effective way to achieve fluency.