With a job opportunityin Singapore, former EON UPTIME student stands out as a result of his fluency in English

Caio Favero Tonon tells us how the selection process to work in a big company in Singapore occurred

Caio Favero has been in Singapore for three months, working at a multinational company in the country. To have access to this opportunity, he took part in a selection process that was done completely in English.

He tells Blog Up the details of this experience and how his fluency in English, acquired at EON UPTIME, helped him to achieve his goals.

Studying at EON UPTIME

Caio had already studied English at the traditional courses in his city, but felt discouraged by the long time required to achieve measurable results and to become fluent.

But, after he met EON UPTIME in São Mateus (ES), he believed in the teaching method offered by the office and, after completing the Connected Course, he achieved the fluency in the language that he always dreamed about.

"There is no doubt, that I wouldn't be where I am [working in Singapore] if it wasn't for EON UPTIME!"

Opportunity in a multinational company

At the end of 2017, Caio, who is a mechanical engineer, took part in a selection process in a multinational company.

All the steps of this process were in English, going through placement tests, proficiency exams in the language, interview with teachers from one of the main schools in Singapore (Ngee Ann Polytechnic), and in the end, the job interview, which was also conducted in the language.

After achieving satisfactory results in all these steps, Caio was approved for the trainee position, and soon went to Singapore to attend an initial 14 week training.

According to the former EON UPTIME student, the training consisted of a general review in the English language and then, a specific course for his position in the company, the Marine Offshore Technology, also conducted in English.

"It's rewarding to feel able to follow, participate and understand a new subject, performed completely in a foreign language. The fluency in English made experiences that I could never have even imagined possible ", he says.

When he finishes his course, Caio will go to the official office of the company, one of the biggest in the world in construction and structural repairs area.

He tells us that, there he will deal with projects , applications, and orders on a daily basis, all in English.

English on daily basis

Living in Singapore, a country that speaks English as a primary language, Caio must deal with everything in his daily routine in this language.

Outside the classroom, I'm forced to deal with everything in English. Be it to buy some water, ask for information or socialize with my new friends."

"I'm very thankful for everything EON UPTIME has given me!"