Is it possible to study English with little time availability?

With our busy routines, it’s really difficult for us to find the time for extra activities. However, with a good planning, everything is possible. An example of this is the study of the English language. Check out our tips and get ready for the challenge!

Sometimes, in our busy lives, we don’t realize that investing in ourselves is essential, and that demands awareness and discipline. It’s always time to find motivation in the day-by-day and invest in what we want. An example of this is the desire of fulfilling our dreams, like learning English or making our first international trip, which can make some people really scared, especially if they don’t have time and think about communicating in another language.

Did you know that English is the third most spoken language in the world? It is present in our daily lives more often than we imagine. For this reason, it is important to think about the type of experience that you want to have on your international trip. In order to have a complete experience abroad, you just have to include learning activities on your daily routine in a fun way. To do so, follow our tips to increase your contact with the English language, including it once and for all in your routine.

Have discipline

At first, we need a lot of discipline to learn something new, espacially if it’s a second language like English. Add to that the effort and dedication throughout the process, which are great allies at this process. Don’t forget: tips, on their own, don’t make anyone an expert or fluent at a language, we need to study for real.

Make some time for the learning

Even if your routine is busy and after a long workday you want to rest, it is important to have energy to achieve your goal. Plan your day in order to make time to study the language for real, including it in your routine. Plan a study schedule besides your classes, organize your routine appropriately and devote yourself to the English language with discipline. In order to do so, check out our next tip.

Face-to-face English course

You should look for a face-to-face English course that matches your profile. This means that, if you have little time availability, you should choose a course with an appropriate duration and with flexible class times. Another tip is to invest in a course that offers immersion and the use of the language (100% conversation), which are extremely important to achieve the fluency. Don’t forget that the choice of the learning methodology is also essential for better learning results, ok?

Other tips:

Listen to international songs

This tip seems simple, but songs in English can help a lot when we talk about practicing and reinforcing what you learn in class, since they usually present an informal language, which is easier to be studied.

Watch motives and series with original subtitles

Besides the fact that it’s much more fun to watch movies and series with the original subtitles, you can relate the reactions (and the story’s context) to what is being said by the characters.

Visit foreign websites

Do you like to keep yourself aware of what’s happening in the world? This is your opportunity to be in touch with the language and upgrade your study. Visit websites with content in English to read the news and train the language. However, don’t use it as a substitute for the face-to-face course.

With discipline and organization, it’s possible to fit it n your routine, to achieve the dream of the fluency. Invest in this idea!

Let’s get to it!