What to expect from an English course in 2019

Get to know what to look for and what to expect from an English course in 2019.

A year has passed by and you still haven't learned any English? In the end of 2016, we showed the 6 reasons why you should start and English course. But if it didn't happen, there's no problem. In today's post, we are going to show you what to expect and to look for in an English course in 2019. It's important to know that learning English is not like it used to be. It's not hard, and definitely not inaccessible and slow. But for this, you need to choose wisely where you’re going to study. Next, we’re going to show you what is important to have in mind when you choose your future course.

An Incentive to Have a Conversation in English

It's not enough to arrive in the class, listen to the instructor speak and complete the activities in your book. An English course should stimulate conversation, after all, in order to learn you have to practice!

For this reason, you should look for a course that promotes a conversation in English, and that doesn't make you scared to make mistakes. Remember: the instructor should be there to correct your mistakes and answer any questions that you might have.

Integration of technology with the methodology

It's very important for an English course to integrate technology with its methodology. Nowadays, this is getting easier and easier and its benefits to the learning process are clear.

One example is the use of Virtual and Augmented reality. Imagine being immersed in what you are learning: being able to insert yourself in the environment of a specific learning situation? That's what it does!

This way, the study can be even more efficient - and fun!

Motivation to have contact with the language

We all know that only a few hours a week in the classroom are not enough for a student to become, in fact, fluent in the language. That's why it's important that the student is encouraged to have contact with the language outside of class too.

How can this be done? The flipped classroom is a very common method worldwide.

In other words, the students will study at home every day, thereby laying a foundation for his classroom activities. When they arrive in the classroom activities, they will use all that time to clear possible doubts and put in practice all they have learned.

The important thing is that the contact is daily! The most appropriate are 30 minutes a day. Use this time to practice the pronunciation, reading, writing and listening.

Fits into you routine

Let's be honest: it's very difficult to get a pre-scheduled time to study every Tuesday and Thursday; or Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For example, establishing the same days at a specific time, makes it harder to have a 100% frequency.

It's important that the English course fits your routine. Find one course that gives you the possibility of doing your own schedule. Flexible hours are essential to maintaining your study frequency in your busy routine.

Deliver real results

It seems obvious, right? But it's much more common than you imagine that one student gets his diploma at the end of the course but is not fluent in the language. That’s why you should do some research. Become familiar with the course that you are about to enroll in.

Look for testimonies, opinions and stories of students and former students of that course, and of course, become familiar with the methodology and do some research to know if it really works and applies to what you look for. This way, the achievement of fluency in English will depend only on you.

So what? What are you waiting for to enroll in an English course and make 2019 the year that you will become fluent in a new language?