Halfway through the Connected course, EON UPTIME student goes on an Exchange program to London

Maysa Fernandes talks about putting the English she learned at EON UPTIME into practice on her trip to Europe, where she also visited Madrid and Scotland.

Maysa Fernandes, a Connected student at EON UPTIME Cariacica (ES) talks about the experience of being immersed in the English language for 24 hours a day for one month while traveling around Europe.

For her, the moment she put the English she learned at EON UPTIME to test was a dream come true. In her first international trip, she traveled alone, and faced her fears of communicating in the language.

Getting ready

“I felt secure because I had already done half of the course” says Maysa about the decision of going on an exchange program. The goal, she explains, was to experience daily contact with the English language.

The first destination was London, a place she had always dreamed of visiting and, at the same time, was a place where she could become familiar with British English and get to know all the tourist attractions available in the summer – season in which she traveled.

“The city was full of tourists from everywhere in the world. It’s interesting that, even though each accent is different, the grammar is the same and I always wanted to have this contact”, she says.

Personal development

In the last week of her trip, Maysa went to Scotland, where she realized how much her English had improved. She recalls her epiphany as being something like this:

“In the bar of the hostel where I stayed I met an Australian man and I talked to him for five hours about everything: trips, work, politics and even religion. After this, I thought ‘yes, I’m speaking and understanding in English like I always wanted’. It seemed like something had been unblocked in my head, I was talking without thinking about the translation of words, I just listened in English and answered. It was amazing!”

For Maysa, all this evolution was a consequence of her dedication and discipline when following EON UPTIME’s methodology. Besides that, she says she followed the tips given by her instructors, like changing her phone settings to English and watching series and movies in the language.

Relation with the language

Maysa heard of EON UPTIME through a friend, and she soon identified herself with the teaching method, which she defines as “practical and fast”.

“Before starting to study at EON UPTIME I studied for two months at another institute, but I didn’t like its method, the duration of the course was too long for me to get what I wanted. At EON UPTIME it’s different; in a short period of time you become fluent. I don’t have much free time, so the flexible hours are great for me” she evaluates.

The challenge of reading scientific papers in English motivated Maysa to look for an English course – at the time she did an undergraduate research internship, and the fluency in English was fundamental for her studies. Besides that, the fluency would be important for her professional career.

English in the Engineering world

Building technician and Civil Engineering student, Maysa works for Vale, one of the 100 biggest companies in the world according to Forbes’ 2018 list. In this multinational company, being fluent in English is extremely important.

“For being in an area such as Engineering, I have to do a lot of scientific research and because I work in a multinational company, it’s essential to be fluent in English”. She comments.

At work she often receives e-mails in English, and being fluent in the language is what ensures that she is always ready to communicate with any foreign visitor at the office.

Next steps with the fluency

Maysa can say that her goals with the English language were achieved. After all, besides the need of acquiring the fluency for academic purposes, she also had the dream of traveling abroad.

“I love traveling and I don’t like to depend on other people. I think we miss out on amazing things when we can’t communicate”.

After testing the efficiency of the EON UPTIME’s method abroad, with native English speakers, she is getting ready for the course’s final exam. After this, she will continue practicing in the Conversation Club, our course for fluent students.

In the long term, she reveals that she has plans of studying abroad, in a post-graduation or master’s degree. She says that we shouldn’t be afraid of pursuing our dreams. She concludes with her mantra: “I want to be all that I am capable of becoming”.