Fluency in English allows alumni student from UPTIME to open his own business

Paulo Miranda tells us how his English helped on the development of a new app

The alumni student from UPTIME Goiania-Celina Park (GO), Paulo Miranda, finished the Connected course and had a jump in his career: he is a sales representative and now he also runs his own business.

Paulo has always desired to speak English, and after researching many language schools in his city, he chose UPTIME.

"I identified with the course's concepts, which offered just what I needed, besides the good cost-benefit"

He says he owes all his learning to UPTIME’s efficient methodology:

"The teaching is dynamic, and through this I was able to fixate the content in my brain even more!"

Change for the Better

He developed the app Officina, in which users can request any type of workshop service for their car, 24 hours a day; or they can schedule through a catalog of companies in the sector available in the app.

According to Paulo, being fluent in English is essential in the business world.

During the process of creating the app, Paulo spent some time in Europe to get more knowledge about the European automobile market and then apply this knowledge to his business. He also thought this would help him develop ideas to help market the app.

"I've talked to many Europeans, even taxi drivers, always in English, to understand how the market works there, and this was very influential in the developing process. I could even think about the app's growth plan."

He concludes by telling about the day he could help a friend, who’s not fluent in the language, during an Israeli business meeting; his friend would speak in Portuguese, and Paulo would translate it to English.

Other than excelling in businesses, he celebrates his improved communication to his international trips now that he is fluent.

"I've been to Spain, and despite the fact that I could understand the official language from the country, I don't speak Spanish, and the natives usually don't understand Portuguese. This is why even in a country where English is not the official language, I only communicated in English."