It’s not a matter of time. It’s a matter of priorities.

Many people say that they don’t start learning English because they don’t have time to dedicate. It is true that many people do work a lot and have a busy schedule, but for those who really want to become fluent, the physician Priscila de Almeida, shares her tips.

Most doctors have a hard time to fit extra activities into their daily lives and that’s why the endocrinologist came to UPTIME, Manaus office. Priscila always wanted to study English and the flexible hours that the school offers made that possible. “Also, the fact that you study at home to prepare for the classes helps the students to adjust their routines” says Priscila.

After completing the Connected course, the doctor put her abilities to the test. She spent one month in Canada and the USA and said that she felt confident to practice the language and learn more vocabulary. “I could see my improvement in the language during the trip.” Way to go Priscila!