Former Student Explores Ireland After Becoming Fluent

Vinicius Fonseca, former student from UPTIME/ Lavras office, never thought that learning English would allow him to have so many good experiences. He started the Connected course with a professional purpose but after becoming fluent he understood that there was a lot more to enjoy.

The Production Engineer decided to do an exchange program and with the help of Egali and UPTIME International he went to Ireland where he could use what he had learned in the classroom and also improve his vocabulary. He stayed there for three weeks and had the chance to visit other countries like Wales and Scotland. And this was his first international trip ever! “I have never imagined that I would travel to a country with such a diverse culture” he says.

Now, back to his city, Vinicius has bigger plans. He wants to start the Conversation Club course and after that he plans to move to Canada. Meanwhile he practices English with his friends. “Before I started the course, I was the only one in my group of friend who didn’t speak English, now I can practice with them”. Way to go, Vinicius!