A 5 star career evolution

Since he was young, Jonathan Duram knew that being fluent in English was very important and would open many doors for him. But, it was only after starting working in 5 star hotel that he really saw the need. To be able to communicate with tourists coming from all over the world to get to know Manaus, the former College student decided it was time to study the language.

Duram tried studying on his own with movies and series, practicing listening and comprehension. He also tried a two year course in a regular course and after seeing no good results he decided to go to UPTIME, Manaus office and that where he became fluent and had an amazing journey. “The methodology takes us to a complete immersion without being in a native speaking country”

After completing the 12 month course and being able to communicate, Jonathan was invited to be part of the instructors team and taught English until a big opportunity in the hotel and tourism business came. Now, living in Sao Paulo, the Tourism graduate can see the results of his hard work and uses the language on a daily basis with the guests at the hotel. With such a successful path so far, we can only imagine where English can take Jonathan.